International trade experience more than three decades

We are Forun

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, and branch offices in Shanghai and Myanmar, flexible trade operations, fast delivery times, many times the number of delivery and provide a wide range of products to customers.

We are always flexible in response to market changes, provide partners and distributors fast and useful feedback, so that the value of goods can be maintained in the first place,

and have good teamwork, continue to advance to the all - round way to integrate trade.

Forun’S wish Taiwan can be seen around the world with trade and cultural exchanges.

  • Integrity

    Integrity of the people , Service first

  • Unity

    teamwork bright , future

  • Efforts

    Work hard , never give up

  • Automotive Products

    Automotive Products

    forun youth universal has automotive supplies agency experience Since 1985. In the automotive supplies market is very powerful. From the Mobil agent dealers, fox agent dealers, has a professional sales of steam locomotive lubricants experience a long time ago. And has a good marketing strategy in business. Promotion of brand and image building also has many years of experience.

  • Fashion Products


    Popularity in life is very important, fashion covers the boutique, sportswear, trend brand, cute children's clothing and many other items, Forun will bring you a variety of styles, the major brands of fashion, and master the latest trend information.

  • Food Products

    Food & Beverage

    Food is the best gift of national diplomacy, through the diet can pass a country's culture and its customs,

    Forun not only sale Taiwan's well-known pastries , nougats and other gifts for export to foreign countries. but also the common Taiwan snacks, instant noodles, brewed drinks and other food expanded to various countries.;

  • Cosmetic Products

    Beauty Care

    Beauty is the nature of a woman, Beauty is already an adjective related to men, women and children today, but for the definition of beauty, Forun have our own operating principles.

    Beauty is not only the appearance of the modification, it can be a regional cultural transmission.

  • Daily Necessities

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